A Note from Jeff Steinmann, Braveau Experts Founder

Jeff Steinmann

Jeff Steinmann, Braveau Experts Founder and author of “How to Quit Working”

I worked in the corporate world for 15 years, managing large technology projects. I learned a tremendous amount there, but found that something was still missing. I wasn’t doing anything that I really CARED about. I didn’t have the freedom to get up each day and do exactly what I wanted.

I felt stuck in my well-paying, 9-5 corporate job and didn’t know how I was going to figure out HOW to make a transition from that life (and income I had become very dependent on!) to one that gave me the freedom to pursue the things I really wanted in life.

I didn’t know how to figure it out, so I did what I knew best. I read. I read and read and read. Finally I came across the concept of information marketing and realized that you can make money with what you KNOW instead of what you DO. I studied that for 3 years, non-stop and eventually founded Braveau Experts, which is a company that works with experts to help them to get known as experts, make money and live a life of freedom.

I put together a FREE training series shows you EXACTLY how you can create a life of FREEDOM for yourself using what you KNOW. Just enter your name and email to the right for instant access.

My new book, How to Quit Working ,”Create a Life of FREEDOM with what you KNOW instead of just getting paid for what you DO” is now available on Amazon.com and through several major retailers.

I made the leap from being a full-time employee in the corporate world, unhappy and doing something I didn’t really care about to living the life of my dreams using what I KNOW instead of just getting paid for what I DO. You can too.

Live Free,





- Jeff Steinmann, Braveau Experts Founder and Author of the new book, How to Quit Working